Brazil is known worldwide for the value of its culture. Since 2010, we are one of the voices of this Brazil. We are specialized in create ideas, raise funds and carry out cultural projects. There have already been more than 80 projects, generating 3 thousand direct and indirect jobs. Theater, visual arts, photography, literature, cultural heritage are just some of our major highlights. This wealth feeds people’s souls. And the Brazilian economy
as well.

Just in 2020, the cultural projects approved by the *Rouanet Law moved more than 3.4 billion Brazilian Reals. Funds that generate employment, income and pride. Any company that fits the bureaucratic norms can allocate 4% of its Income Tax to support a cultural project. In simple words we are able to convert a portion of the compulsory tax into orchestras, concerts, museums, libraries and art exhibitions. The manpower and audience helps us to keep the identity of our people alive. That’s our culture: Generate and share material and symbolic wealth. For us is not only the greatest value in the country, but also the best way to generate cultural value.

*Rouanet Law is a Brazilian law named after Sergio Paulo Rouanet whose role is providing monetary funds for use in art and culture. It is intended to encourage cultural investments and its major highlight is the tax incentive policy that enables companies and citizens to deduct a portion of their obligated income tax.