Montenegro Productions

We are a company specialized in the elaboration and production of projects through tax incentive mechanisms. Over more than 11 years of experience in the market, we act from the conception of autoral projects to the execution planning aiming to meet the needs of artists, investors and sponsors. Its production history includes more than 35 projects developed and approximately 120 investors. Discover our services:

of Cultural Projects

Firstly, using its experience in the elaboration and approval of projects in tax incentive laws, Montenegro Cultural Productions expands this service to the national and international artistic community, guaranteeing the construction of creative cultural projects accordingly to the market.

  • Market and audience analysis.
  • Conceptual format: objective, application and audience.
  • Guidelines to prepare the Technical Data Sheet.
  • Construction of the disclosure and media plan.
  • Construction of the audience and target plan.
  • Elaboration of people access, strategies and social counterparts.
  • Defense of the accessibility criteria of the place chosen to perform.
  • Elaboration of the expenses and budget plan.
  • Follow-up and monitor any divergence or diligence during the project.

of taxes incentives programs

Sponsorship and investments trough tax incentives has been consolidated as an indispensable tool in the communication strategy of companies, used as a complementary way to actions in traditional media.

Since the main advantages of this modality, in addition to reducing the tax burden, is the possibility of improving the financial management of a company. Bearing in mind that wellapplied incentives also allow companies to make significant gains related to marketing and brand exposure. Above all the advantages, this type of initiative is very positive in terms of strategic positioning in communication, but it must be managed by specialists in cultural management since each project must be deployed in technical, financial and operational analyzes.

In conclusion, you can find on our team a perfect partner to manage your sponsorship and/or investment management on incentive projects, optimizing your revenue and results.